ESS Banking for Expense Reimbursements

As part of the Service Excellence Program (SEP), York University’s Financial Services Department (Finance), in collaboration with University Services Centre (USC), has implemented a new initiative to simplify the expense reimbursement process for the York community.

All expense reimbursements and other non-payroll payments issued by Finance will now be made by direct deposit into the respective bank account used for payroll deposits. This change eliminates the separate manual form, thus reducing administrative effort and resulting in simpler and faster expense reimbursements. Once faculty, instructors and staff are migrated to direct deposit for expense reimbursements, they will be notified via email when any future payments are made.

This new change affords employees the convenience and benefits of updating their banking information for payroll deposits and expense reimbursements in a single process. Banking information provided in HR Self-Serve will be transferred securely and electronically on a nightly basis to the Finance system.

For further information, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions here.